English: This page describes the category guideline system used on Rome - Total War.


If you create a new page or edit an old one please add it to one or more matching categories to facilitate navigation. Please do not create new categories (especially not ones with only one entry) unless you are sure they really will be used. A good criterion may be if it fits well in the hierarchy below. Try to keep the number of categories on Rome - Total War as low as possible - categories are useful only if people can remember which categories exist and what their purposes are. If you have to look into three almost equal categories to find the page you are looking for, something is wrong with the system. Categories without a description, with too few member pages or which are not listed here may be removed.

Be very cautious in changing a category tag in a template that is already in use: to keep the list of pages in the old and new category up-to-date you have to make a dummy edit in all pages that use the template. See A category tag in a template; caching problem.

Special:Categories is an automatically created list of categories.

Please go to Special:Uncategorizedpages and help categorizing.

Help:Category describes how to use categories.


Rome - Total WarEdit

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