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The game's campaign begins with only 3 playable factions, all Roman: Julii, Brutii, Scipii. Upon completion of a campaign, 8 additional factions are unlocked. The unlockable factions are: The Greek Cities, Egypt, the Seleucid Empire, Carthage, Gaul, Germania, Britannia, and Parthia. The nonplayable factions are: Macedon, Pontus, Armenia, Numidia, Scythia, Dacia, Thrace, Spain, the Roman Senate (S.P.Q.R), and the rebel faction.


Barbarian factions have both distinct advantages and disadvantages. Unlike "civilized" factions, they cannot build stone walls, nor roads better than basic ruts, which inhibits their strategic movement. More importantly, their technology is limited to only three city levels, as opposed to five for civilized factions. Thus they tend to research their most advanced units quicker than other factions.Barbarian armies are undisciplined and rely on brute force and numerical superiority. Barbarian infantry are strong in comparison to infantry of other factions.

  • Britannia: The Britons control the majority of modern day Great Britain and the Low Countries.
  • Gaul: The Gauls control a very large territory of modern day France and parts of Spain.


African armies consist of fairly strong cavalry and, notably, elephants, but usually have weak infantry. This is a major disadvantage when facing the House of Scipii, as the Roman legions destroy most forms of infantry. Main elephant and cavalry support is required for Carthaginian success.

  • Carthage is a very rich faction, and starts off being at war with each of the Roman House. They are notable for using Elephants in combat.
  • Numidia is a relative faction to the carthagian factions, they are famed for having some of the best breed of horses like their javelin-throwing light cavalry and have other javelin-based units (including) light spear-armed infantry.

How to unlock additional factions.Edit

To unlock them, you must annihilate the faction during a play through. For example, Julii defeating the Gauls will unlock the Gaul faction to play. Or you edit the games files to unlock all factions:

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